KIC InnoEnergy Award ceremony

The Award

KIC InnoEnergy Award 2015 for the best cleantech start-up in Spain and Portugal

The vision of KIC InnoEnergy is to become the leading engine for innovation and entrepreneurship in sustainable energy. With the aim of promoting cleantech businesses in Spain and Portugal, KIC InnoEnergy Iberia is organising its second KIC InnoEnergy Award for the best cleantech start-up.

All start-ups must be in the field of:

Clean Coal Technologies

Energy from Chemical Fuels


Energy Efficiency

Electricity Storage


Renewable Energies

Smart and Efficient Buildings and Cities


Sustainable Nuclear and Renewable Convergence

Smart Electric Grid


With this award, KIC InnoEnergy seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • To discover more companies related to cleantech sector which may be in line with KIC InnoEnergy’s mission.
  • To promote business spirit and technological innovation in the cleantech field, with a view to contributing to the social and economic development of Spain and Portugal.
  • To help pioneer technologies in the scleantech sector to reach the market.
  • To raise awareness about the acceleration program offered by KIC InnoEnergy Iberia.


The evaluation committee and the jury will be formed by the following members of KIC InnoEnergy Iberia

Mikel Lasa

Mikel Lasa

CEO at KIC InnoEnergy Iberia

Josep Miquel Torregrosa

Josep Miquel Torregrosa

Business Creation Officer at KIC InnoEnergy Iberia

Francisco Javier Alonso

Francisco Javier Alonso

Innovation & technological support Subdirector at Gas Natural

Florent Vezin

Florent Vezin

CFO at KIC InnoEnergy Iberia

Jan Brinckmann

Jan Brinckmann

Director of the Entrepreneurship Lab at ESADE

Renato Braz

Renato Braz

Business Creation Manager at KIC InnoEnergy Iberia (Portugal)


The award will be given to the Business Idea most voted by our jury, based on criteria of potential impact in the sector and probability of success.



  • Access to KIC InnoEnergy Highway acceleration program



  • 3 mentoring sessions




Participation in this selection process involves fully meeting and accepting these rules. To be a candidate for the KIC InnoEnergy Award the following requirements must be met:

  • Have a defined business plan.
  • Have a defined market in one of the 8 fields mentioned before.
  • Have a full business team, with at least one person working fulltime.
  • Have technology ready to be launched onto the market in less than 2 years.

To apply and complete the inscription process for the award the following information must be sent:

Send the Business Plan to the email address: bcs.iberia [at] The content of the Business Plan will be as follows:

Maximum 5 pages.

  • Project information
  • Business Opportunity & Market
  • Solution
  • Business model
  • Business team

The candidatures can be presented in Spanish or English.

The period to present the corresponding candidatures will close on 18th October 2015. The organisation reserves the right to extend this period, communicating this change at the appropriate time via the planned communication channels, and on the KIC InnoEnergy website.

All individuals of legal age can participate, without any limitations as regards nationality. 

The KIC InnoEnergy team will select 5 to 10 applicants to present in front of a formal jury. The finalist will be informed before 2nd November via email.

Participants must give a 10-15 minute-long formal presentation during the award ceremony event. The jury will decide which business idea will win the award on that same day. The KIC InnoEnergy Award will be held on 18th November 2015 in the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona.

KIC InnoEnergy reserves the right to change any of the dates of the award, providing prior notice to all participants and publishing the details on the website.

The selection committee of finalist and the jury in the final event will use the following criteria to evaluate the business plans.

The presentation (10%)

  • Timing (30%)
  • Quality of the presentation (70%)

Solution (20%)

  • Cutting edge technology (40%)
  • Customer benefit (40%)
  • Pilot testing (20%)

Market (30%)

  • Market opportunity, size and knowledge (25%)
  • Value proposition (25%)
  • Competitive advantage (25%)
  • Go to market strategy (25%)

Business model (20%)

  • Time to market (40%)
  • Robustness of the Business model (30%)
  • Financial expectations (sales & investment) (30%)

Team (20%)

  • Composition and complementarity (100%)

The evaluation committee and the jury will be made up of the following members of KIC InnoEnergy Iberia:

  • CEO 
  • Business Creation Officer
  • Business Creation Manager Portugal
  • Industry director
  • Director of entrepreneurship Lab at ESADE

The jury will decide the winner of the 2015 award. This jury reserves the right to decide to not give the award if the Business Plans presented are not as innovative as expected or do not meet the requirements of these rules of participation.

The award will be given to the Business Idea with the most potential to enter the market and with a higher success rate in the sustainable energy sector in Iberia. The jury will select three finalists, which award will be:


18,000 euros  and direct access to the acceleration program offered by KIC InnoEnergy (optional)

The final award from KIC InnoEnergy is highly valued due to the fact that the winner will have access to a seed capital investment offered between 50,000 and 100,000 Euros by KIC InnoEnergy acceleration program (which services can be seen here).

2nd Finalist

5,000 euros + 3 mentoring sessions

KIC InnoEnergy will provide the winner with 5 mentoring sessions from our network of mentors. The mentors will be decided by KIC InnoEnergy. The main aim of these sessions is to help entrepreneurs to define a commercial strategy to boost their business in the sustainable energy market.

3rd Finalist

2,000 euros


Of course, it is expected that the candidates can present their projects in front of final selection committee to start the KIC InnoEnergy acceleration program once they are prepared.

KIC InnoEnergy guarantees the confidentiality of the list of candidates who present their candidature.

The selected participants authorise KIC InnoEnergy, without the right to any consideration, to publish the list of finalists for the award, with a brief description of the Business Plan and the names and surnames of the team members.

KIC InnoEnergy will provide internal and external coverage of the winner of the award. The winner therefore agrees that their Business Plan, their personal information and the name of the Business Plan be disseminated.

By presenting their candidatures the participants guarantee KIC InnoEnergy that the Business Plans presented are original works of their authors and/or that they have the right to freely dispose of the ideas, images or any other elements included in their presentation. The participants will be the only party held responsible for a possible infringement of third party rights, with KIC InnoEnergy remaining exempt of any responsibility in this regard.